Smith Corona*
Owner's Manual
Where to start? How do I type?
  • Plugging the typewriter into a wall socket, is the first step.
  • You look at it and know that you need to turn the machine on.
  • There are keys, a knob, a paper guide, a platen, a space bar, and other buttons and toggles you may not recognize.
  • Then ??????
Are you stuck? Frustrated? You are scratching your head and wish you knew what to do next?
     You need a User's Guide.... an Owner's Manual!
  All you have to do is contact us by phone, e-mail,
  or FAX, and let us know your model number.
  You will be able to order the Owner's Manual
  for your Smith-Corona typewriter or Word Processor.
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Will Repair Service
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*Smith Corona is a registered trade mark of Smith Corona corporation